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Review: Sneakz Protein Powder


Review: Sneakz Protein Powder

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.

I don’t consume protein powders all that often these days, now that I’m trying to base most of my day around whole foods. But I do believe protein powders have their place and can be helpful. I used to be a diehard protein powder fan, and I had protein smoothies after every run to help with quick muscle recovery.

But then I did the Health Made Simple plan and realized that I don’t need THAT much protein every day. I learned that a handful of walnuts or flax seeds is plenty for my level of activity. I’m not body building after all. However, there are days when I put in a REALLY hard effort (like a long run of 10 to 20 miles) or days that I know I’m not going to be eating well (like when traveling or just really, really busy). On those days, I still consume protein powder.

And it was on one of those days recently (pretty sure I was extra busy that day!) that I tried

Sneakz Organic Chocolate Protein Powder

in a smoothie with banana, spinach, and extra cocoa powder.


sent me this powder to review months ago, right as I was starting my whole foods journey. So it took me awhile to try it. But I’ve had it a few times since then, like last weekend after a 7-mile treadmill run that left me feeling weak and sluggish all day. Pretty sure I overheated a bit on that run, and I was getting over a cold too. I figured I could use a protein boost that day!

Sneakz, when mixed with liquid, tastes like chocolate milk. But it’s made with a simple blend of whole organic foods, including sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, and beets (1/2 serving of veggies in every scoop). Plus, it has 14 grams of pea protein, probiotics, and 10 essential amino acids.

Sneakz does contain some organic cane sugar, which I think some protein powder fans would prefer. But I’m firmly in the stevia camp for my protein powders. Consuming sugar in my smoothie makes me feel like I’m having dessert for breakfast (and I’d rather save dessert for dessert time!). But the sugar does make it taste pretty great. This would be an awesome product to deliver protein and veggie nutrition to picky kids!

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