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Ben & Jerry’s New Vegan Flavor!


Ben & Jerry’s New Vegan Flavor!

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I’m not sure how I got on the Ben & Jerry’s marketing list, but I’m sure glad I did! For the past couple years, around this time, they ship me the new vegan flavors to try and review. Last week, the latest vegan flavor — Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (!!!!!) arrived at my office in a cooler of dry ice. Yes, my co-workers were envious.

For the record, I did try to share. But the dry ice makes the ice cream too hard to scoop, so I wasn’t able to dig in until I got home and transferred it to my freezer. Oh well. More for me!

I’ve long said that Ben & Jerry’s makes the best vegan ice creams. And that’s still the case. Especially with this one! You know how most cookie dough ice creams are mostly vanilla with a few little cookie dough gobs here and there? Not the case here at all. This creamy almond milk-based ice cream is LOADED with chewy cookie dough bits.

As I was spooning a serving out, it was impossible to get a spoonful that didn’t have 4-5 dough bits. That means that every bite provides that creamy, chewy satisfaction.

PB & Cookies is still my number-one, but I think this may be a close number two! Plus, there’s another new B&J’s vegan flavor, Chocolate Caramel Cluster (chocolate with peanuts, fudge chunks, and salted caramel swirl). So I’ll have to find that one soon!

Thanks Ben & Jerry’s for making the world a better place.

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